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We Offer a Range of
Products to Meet Your Needs


Position Manager

Manage all your coffee contracts and positions  on greensquare.

No longer having to ask your supplier for updates on your stock.

Planning & Budgeting

Blend Builder

Build, budget and forecast all your coffee needs.

Setting up blends, components and budgets for you and your team to track, compare and save.



Sourcing coffee made simple.

Set out your specific coffee requirements and share with multiple suppliers.

Then receive all offers and replies in one place for review.

Blend Builder


Knowing the exact volumes for your coffee requirements is crucial, with greensquare you can plan, manage and forecast all your green coffee in one place.

Live feed

C- Market in AUD/KG

Live coffee market price feed & converter showing the price in AUD/KG along with the traditional USD/LB


Smart Digital Contracts

Signing contracts on greensquare is a simples process that enables you to have contracts automatically saved and stored for you. 


Order Management

With our connected order management you can now place orders from your all your suppliers in one place. Saving you time and enabling automatic inventory updates.


Market Place

Access the largest collection of coffee from the largest range of suppliers. Search, filter and narrow down to find the coffee that best matchs your needs.

a bag of roasted coffee that was purchased on greensquare
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