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A software provider dedicated for the sector

Democratise technology in the coffee supply chain for all stakeholders


Greensquare's foundation is providing coffee roasters with the software and tools to digitally source, plan and forecast their green coffee.

Guided by our core values:

  • Accessibility, ensuring our technology is available and affordable.

  • Innovation, lead the way for our users and the coffee supply chain as it enters the digital age.

  • Collaboration, Work with our community to seek insight and feedback.

  • Accountability, to set goals, strive to achieve them and learn from our results


Greensquare's team come from various industries with experienced software development, coffee expertise and entrepreneurial endeavours.

Along with investors and advisors spanning the coffee industry and agricultural sectors.


two coffee roasters sitting infront of a computer discussing green coffee purchases


From Industry Innovators

Greensquare is an innovative new platform that links two of the largest sectors of the coffee market - roasters and raw coffee traders. The global nature of coffee trade and overall size of market makes this an incredible opportunity to facilitate a smoother and more robust process that has the potential to transform the specialty coffee sector. 

Saxon Wright

Founder Pablo & Rusty Coffee Roasters and Huskee

There’s a definitive gap in the market when it comes to software solutions that help manage the green procurement process for roasters.

Greensquare has the potential to fill this gap by linking parties together digitally and making things simpler, more efficient, transparent, and less risky for all parties involved.

Caleb Sexton

Chief Information Officer at Five Senses Coffee

Greensquare is not only a digitalised solution for roasting businesses, but also a foundation for AI in the coffee industry. By streamlining the green coffee procurement process, Greensquare empowers roasters and traders to reduce risks, optimise costs and quality, and access a diverse range of products from around the world. 

Stephen Bannister

Coffee Trade Expert,

20+ Years Experience

CEO & Co-Founder Caleb Holstein

Caleb Holstein

CEO & Co-Founder

Caleb is a seasoned professional  in the specialty coffee industry. From roasting to owning, operating and innovating. 

Using his expertise and experience to lead the team and the project to scale their impact and offerings across the coffee supply chain and beyond.

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CTO & Co-Founder Marius Naumann

Marius Naumann

CTO & Co-Founder

Marius is a senior full-stack developer and team lead with 15 years experience.

Marius is the technical brain behind the SquareX core technology powering greensquare.

Applying his skills and expertise to ensure the innovative and robust technical foundation to thrive.

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COO & Co-Founder Jan-Hendrik Thieme

Jan-Hendrik Thieme

COO & Co-Founder

With 10+ years experience in digital transformation and project management. 

Jan binds the coffee and technology  teams and needs for the project.

Coordinating users needs & our development teams to meet our goals.

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Democratising Access To Technology In Agricultural Supply Chains

We see a future where all stakeholders in an agricultural supply chain have access to technology and software to control their own data and trade.

Fuelled by our passion for coffee and drive for innovation we strive to bring the software and foundations for all stakeholders to enter the digital age.

Empowering agricultural stakeholders with the tools to own and mange their own trade and their individual data.

We believe in providing the foundations for the digital future of the coffee supply chain and beyond.

A coffee roaster talking about coffee procurement
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