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Greensquare is a green coffee procurement and management platform that makes sourcing coffee from a wide variety of Australian coffee traders seamless.

We have prepared some support videos to get you familiar with greensquare. 

If you have any questions, please reach out through or use the support channel in your chat after logging on.

Setting up your account

Registration & Organisation Setup

How to register your roasting organisation & enter basic details.

Add Team Members & Assign Roles

How to add team members and manage access.

Using greensquare

Sourcing Coffee on greensquare

How to search from hundreds of green coffees on greensquare.

Shortlisting coffee on greensquare

How to create custom shortlists and add coffees.

Requesting quotes on greensquare

How to request quotes for green coffee on greensquare.

Placing order requests on greensquare

How to place order requests from your positions on greensquare.

Support Request, How can we help?

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We’ll get back to you shortly.

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