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30 day free trail


Providing Coffee Roasters with all the tools to search, source, and manage your green coffee.

Unlimited Users

No Additional Charges


Live C-Price USD/LB & AUD/KG

Search hundreds of coffees

Blend Builder*

Sample Management

Quote & Contract Management

Digital Coffee Contracts

Coffee Tenders*

Order Placement & Tracking

Live Positions Manager

Accounting Integration

* Launching in July

Coffee Roaster Subscription Plan

Take the guesswork out of your green coffee.

Green coffee is the largest cost for a coffee roaster. A minor change in quality or price of your green coffee can lead to drastic effects to your customer base and bottomline.

At greensquare we are dedicated to reducing the risk for all coffee roasters from small 100kg a week operators all the way to the 10 tonne a week powerhouses.

With our Essential Plan we are dedicated to providing an affordable access to all the software needed for a coffee roaster to take control of their green coffee.


With a 30 day free trial, no upfront card details and no lock in contract we are confident that you'll love the software.

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