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Your coffee supply chain on your terms

Coffee roasters on greensquare connect with all their suppliers and reduce time spent, cost & risk in their green coffee sourcing and management process.

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Join leading Australian roasters & importers taking control of their green coffee sourcing

Why greensquare

Increase traceability, transparency and efficiency in your coffee supply chain

Buying and managing green coffee has never been easier! Greensquare makes sourcing and managing coffee effortless by using technology and automation.

  • 400+ coffee listings on greensquare

  • 12 importers

  • Tracked samples, quotes & orders

  • Digital contracts & live positions


Providing Coffee Roasters with all the tools to search, source, and manage your green coffee.

Take the guesswork out of your green coffee.

Sourcing & Planning Suite

Search & Filter

From all suppliers and coffees

Live C-Price & Converter

Daily USD/LB & AUD/KG feed

Blend Builder

Build & plan your costs and components

Launching July

Procurement Suite

Sample & Quote Management

Request, Track & Compare 

Digital Coffee Contracts

Instantly Generated & Digitally Signed

Coffee Tenders

Request, Track & Compare From all Suppliers

Launching July

Operational Suite

Order Placement & Tracking

Order from all contracts and suppliers

Accounting Integration

Bills sent automatically

Live Positions Manager

With contract consumption tracking

Users - Unlimited

Coffee Roaster Subscription Plan

Take the guesswork out of your green coffee.

Green coffee is one of the largest cost centres for a coffee roaster. A minor change in quality or price of your green coffee can lead to drastic effects to your customer base and bottomline.

At greensquare we are dedicated to reducing the risk for all coffee roasters from small 100kg a week operators all the way to the 10 tonne a week powerhouses.

With our Essential Plan we are dedicated to providing an affordable access to all the software needed for a coffee roaster to take control of their green coffee.


With a 14 day free trial, no upfront card details and no lock in contract we are confident that you'll love the software.


The foundation for any Coffee Importer, access all the tools to track, sell, and manage your green coffee like never before.

Operational Management Suite

Dynamic Inventory Manager

All your coffees connected to your customers

Live & Searchable Offer List

Your own private offer list

Invoice & PO Generator 

Invoice & Purchase Orders automatically created


Sales Optimisation Suite

Roaster Access

Largest group of Aussie Coffee Roaster

Sample & Quote Management

Propose, Track & Manage

Digital Coffee Contracts

Automatically Generated & Digitally Signed

Customer Management Suite 

Roaster Management

Assign Price Visibility, Payment Terms. 

Users - Unlimited
Payout Management

Direct Payments

0% Transactions Fees



The foundation for any Coffee Importer, access all the tools to track, sell, and manage your green coffee like never before.

All Essential Plan Incuded

Operational Management Suite

Sales Optimisation Suite

Customer Management Suite 

Holistic CRM

All your customers in one place

Requirement Logs

Capture customers coffee needs

Live Interaction Log

Automatically Capture Interactions

  • Samples

  • Quotes

  • Positions

  • Orders

  • Payments

Connected Roasters

Staff, roles and contact details

PREMIUM Customer Management

Users - Unlimited
Payout Management

Direct Payments

0% Transactions Fees


Coffee Importer Subscription Plans

Software built for your needs

Coffee Importers have to use a vast range of softwares, spreadsheets and communication channels to serve and manage their roasters and business.


This create excessive costs and resources to be allocated in the single goal of providing great coffee and service to your roasters

At Greensquare we are dedicated to reducing the cost and time that it takes for coffee importers to win, service and manage their coffee roasters.


With our suite of connective software we are able to do just that with the ability to manage all your inventory, customers & sales in one place.

Removing the manual or duplicate work required currently ensuring you and your teams have more time to do what you do best source, manage and support coffee roasters.


With a 30 day free trial, no upfront card details and no lock in contract we are confident that you'll love the software.

Take control of your supply chain

Connect with Australia's leading coffee importers and access the largest coffee offerings in one place. Request tracked samples & quotes from all suppliers. Sign smart digital contracts and stay on top with live positions & forecasts. Schedule orders and manage payments on greensquare.

dashboard view of greensquare platform

Complete visibility of your coffee contracts

preview of a position on greensquare

Greensquare provides complete transparency between roaster and importer across contracts. 

Smart digital contracts instantly create live positions, for both roaster and importer.

Placing orders automatically update live position and provides you a consumption forecast. Never get caught out again. 

We can even move your existing contracts onto greensquare for instant visibility.

Connectivity & productivity

No more switching between texts, emails & WhatsApp to communicate your coffee needs. On greensquare, interactions are tracked and visible to the whole team.

Stop looking for contracts and invoices in your inbox. On greensquare, digital contracts are securely stored and invoices are automatically sent to your accounting software.

Keep track of all upcoming payments on greensquare.

people using greensquare on a mobile device
people listening to Caleb giving a presentation on greensquare
Indonesia Sumatra
Finagro Gesha
Costa Rica Volcan Azul
Brazil Alto Caprao

Access all coffee details in one place

Access media files & coffee details with ease. Greensquare's listing pages provide rich information and context from origin, alongside marketing material. No more chasing suppliers for coffee details.

Why coffee professionals love greensquare

image of chairman Saxon Wright
Saxon Wright,
Chairman and Founder at Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee Roasters and greensquare Strategic Advisory Board Member

Greensquare is an innovative new platform that links two of the largest sectors of the coffee market - roasters and raw coffee traders. The global nature of coffee trade and overall size of market makes this an incredible opportunity to facilitate a smoother and more robust process that has the potential to transform the specialty coffee sector. 

image of Caleb Sexton
Caleb Sexton,
Chief Information Officer at Five Senses Coffee 

There’s a definitive gap in the market when it comes to software solutions that help manage the green procurement process for roasters. Greensquare has the potential to fill this gap by linking parties together digitally and making things simpler, more efficient, transparent, and less risky for all parties involved.

image of advisory board member Stephen Bannister
Stephen Bannister, 
Coffee Trade Expert & greensquare Strategic Advisory Board Member

Greensquare is not only a digitalised solution for roasting businesses, but also a foundation for AI in the coffee industry. By streamlining the green coffee procurement process, Greensquare empowers roasters and traders to reduce risks, optimise costs and quality, and access a diverse range of products from around the world. 

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