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Importer Subscription Plans

Foundation Plan


The foundation for any Coffee Importer.

 Access all the tools to track, sell, and manage your green coffee like never before.

Inlcuded Features

Operational Management Suite

Live C-Price & Converter

Daily USD/LB & AUD/KG feed

Dynamic Inventory Manager

All your coffees connected to your customers

Live & Searchable Offer List

Your own private offer list

Invoice & PO Generator 

Invoice & Purchase Orders automatically created


Accounting Integration

Link to your account team and software

Sales Optimisation Suite

Roaster Access

Largest group of Aussie Coffee Roaster

Sample & Quote Management

Propose, Track & Manage

Coffee Tenders

Direct tenders from coffee roasters


Digital Coffee Contracts

Automatically Generated & Digitally Signed

Order Management

Process and Track with connected roasters

Live Positions Manager

Link to customers, contracts and orders

Customer Management Suite 

Roaster Management

Assign Price Visibility, Payment Terms. 

Client Managers

Assign a staff member to each roaster.


Unlimited Per Account

Setup your whole team

Payout Management

Direct Payments

0% Transactions Fees


Business Plan


For the Coffee Importer who is dedicated to providing their team with the tools to succeed in serving their customers.

Included Features

Includes all Foundation Plan

Operational Management Suite

Sales Optimisation Suite

Customer Mangement Suite

Holistic CRM

All your customers in one place

Requirement Logs

Capture customer product needs

Live Interaction Logs

Automatically capture interactions

  • Samples

  • Quotes

  • Positions

  • Orders

  • Payments

Connected Roasters w Linked

Staff, roles and contact details

PREMIUM - Customer Management


Unlimited Per Account

Setup your whole team

Payout Management

Direct Payments

0% Transactions Fees

Are you looking to learn more about greensquare and our offering for coffee importers?

Please reach out to our team we are always happy to chat.

Contact Our Team

Coffee Importer Subscription Plans

Software built for your needs

Coffee Importers have to use a range of softwares, spreadsheets and communication channels to serve and manage their roasters and business.


This create excessive costs and resources to be allocated in the single goal of providing great coffee and service to your roasters

At Greensquare we are dedicated to reducing the cost and time that it takes for coffee importers to win, service and manage their coffee roasters.


With our suite of connective software we are able to do just that with the ability to manage all your inventory, customers & sales in one place.

Removing the manual or duplicate work required currently ensuring you and your teams have more time to do what you do best source, manage and support coffee roasters.


With a 30 day free trial, no upfront card details and no lock in contract we are confident that you'll love the software.

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